Internet Evolution 2010

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What?: Expert opinion on the implications and import of some recent data-driven observations about the evolving nature of the Internet.

Why?: We hope to use online and hardcopy publication to stimulate thinking and debate about the future of the Internet. The Internet Society reaches a broad audience including the technical community, policy makers and educators, and we expect to be able to reach all of these groups with this effort.

The Data

The Atlas Internet Observatory report for 2009 


 - contains several interesting findings relating to the consolidation of content providers, the consolidation of applications, and the evolution of the Internet core and economic innovation. 

Complexity of Internet Interconnections: Technology, Incentives and Implications for Policy


 - the evolution of the Internet core and economic innovation, in more detail.

The Questions

1/  The Internet itself was an innovation, and it has served as an open platform for unprecedented innovations in networking, applications and services for years.  As the data indicate there is evidence that the Internet is becoming 'flatter' (increasingly direct interconnection of content and consumer). Is this necessarily part of a trend towards a less innovative platform?

2/ Is the relative decline in P2P traffic volume indicative of the triumph of business models over technology?

3/ What is your perception of the import of the increasing dominance of a handful of application protocols -- simplification? ossification?  other?

4/ What do these observable trends in Internet evolution mean for the future of the Internet?

5/ Any other observations or interpretations of these reports, in terms of impact and import for the future of the Internet, that you'd like to share? 



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