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As you may already know, within the context of its Global Outreach programme, the Internet Society has for some time been engaged in a message development process designed to help our organisation define and explain its purpose and goals in terms that resonate to the wider public and other stakeholders. When the entire organisation speaks consistently and with one voice, credibility will be boosted, and our messages will have more impact, with longer-lasting results.

The starting point for this set of key messages and supporting materials was based on a series of meetings, interviews and interactions with stakeholders carried out by the Internet Society’s leadership around the world. This report is meant to be a living document, and the implementation of these messages will evolve as we identify more examples to showcase the accomplishment, work and activities of the Internet Society   

This first iteration of our messaging framework, which includes a number of outputs such as key messages, proof points, media best practice and a multitude of other materials that will be useful in helping to shape our organisation’s outreach and public image. This will form the foundation of a broader ‘toolkit’ of materials for use by staff and Chapters world-wide.  

  This is intended as a living document that will evolve as we refine and enhance our messages and proof points moving forwards. Consequently, it is our hope that you will be able to offer to the communications team, constructive and specific feedback on elements of this report that need further development. We also intend to ensure that the voice of the Chapters is in evidence throughout this document, and indeed the entire toolkit.  For any feedback or questions please email us at 




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