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During 2010, in conjunction with the development of this messaging framework, the Internet Society has engaged in a scenario planning exercise to describe plausible courses of events that could impact the health of the Internet in the future. While obviously not intended to be a definitive overview of the landscape or all potential issues, the results of this scenario planning process lends itself to communications outreach by providing bite-sized visions of “what could be” and an important forecasts that key audiences will value.  On that basis, it is essential that these four scenarios are integrated into this process.  

As noted above, concepts, such as the four scenarios below, are not ‘messages’ per se, but rather are tools by which the Internet Society can help individuals understand what the Internet may become in the future, prompting some stakeholders to act in the defense of their preferred future.  

Scenarios always start from a question about the future. In this case, the focal question for the exercise was:  

"Will the world embrace or resist the open Internet model?" with a second-level question to narrow the field: "What model will be more successful? Command and control? Or, distributed and decentralized? 

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Additional information that will help you use and discuss the Internet Scenarios:

Future Scenarios Q&A

Video versions of the scenarios 

Scenarios Narrative - the transcript for the videos

Scenarios One Pager - overview to download

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