Internet Society Top Level Messages

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Top Level Messages serve as starting points for every Internet Society communication activity, from answering questions posed by the media to developing print information materials. Based on extensive input and real-world testing: virtually every question received by or statement made by the Internet Society or spokespeople can be placed into the following four categories:

·       What does the Internet Society Believe? (BELIEFS) 

·       What makes the Internet Good? (INTERNET MODEL) 

·       What does the future Internet require? (INTERNET FUTURE) 

·       What is the Internet Society? (ISOC STRUCTURE) 

The Internet Society’s Top Level Messages in these key categories serve as the foundation for all external outreach, allowing Internet Society communications to remain focused and consistent while being flexible enough to address specific listeners using appropriate terms and concepts. Top Level Messages are used in conjunction with specific Proof Points, which are vivid specific examples that demonstrate the validity of the message. In short, they bring messages to life. While Top Level Messages are expected to stay consistent for 12-18 months, Proof Points may be adapted and tailored to specific audiences or formats. 

Top Level Messaging SheetsMessaging reference tools  

 To make the key message categories, Top Level Messages, and Proof Points useable, we have developed a format that clarifies the relationships among these elements and provides them in an easily accessible way. Below are a series of Messaging Sheets, which provide the Key Message Category, The Top-Level Message, and four to eight proof points.  Below are a series of Messaging Sheets for reference. The proof points associated with this reference documents will be updated and further refined.  Over time, additional Messaging Sheets will be added.  

Messaging Sheets include:  

·       What does the Internet Society believe? 

·      Internet Future  

o   Open Internetworking 

o   IPv6 

o   Network Confidence 

·      What makes the Internet good? 

·       Internet Society Structure and Organization  

o   North America Bureau 

o   European Bureau 

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