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Sample Questions: What are the Internet Society’s goals and intentions with its regional bureaus? How will the European Bureau operate and what will the European Bureau do? 


The European bureau will provide additional support for, and closer working relationships with, Internet Society corporate partners, the thousands of individual members, and Chapters in Europe. It will also provide the global Internet Society community with a close connection with important Internet-related decision makers and emerging issues in Europe. embers and Chapters. 


The Internet Society European Bureau: 

·       Will provide additional support for, and closer working relationships with, Internet Society corporate partners, individual members, and more than 20 Chapters in Europe

·       Will help extend in the European context the Internet Society’s work on important issues that have implications for the global Internet

·       Aims to strengthen and broaden relationships with key stakeholders at European and national institutional levels  

·       Promotes the Internet Model among key European decision and policy makers 

·       Provides Internet Society and the Internet technical community with intelligence on developments in Europe, identifying opportunities and developments relevant to or impacting Internet Society Members and Internet Society strategic initiatives

·       Provides strategic advice on issues pertaining to the health of the Internet in the Europe 


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