KEY MESSAGE CATEGORY: Internet Society Structure and Organization

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 Sample Question: What is the Internet Society? How does it operate? 


The Internet Society is at the center of the largest global network of people and organizations focused on ensuring the Internet continues to evolve as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and economic development. By tackling issues at the intersection of technology, policy, and education, we work collaboratively to preserve and protect the multi-stakeholder model of development and management that has been key to the Internet’s success. 


·       More than 100 Internet Society organization members represent a diverse range of industry, not-for-profit, and other sectors from around the world

·       The Internet Society has tens of thousands of individual members around the world

·       Internet Society has nearly 100 Chapters in more than 70 countries

·       The Internet Society collaborates, engaged, and participates in dialog with the  other key organizations in the Internet Ecosystem
 such as naming and addressing organisations, standards bodies, policy discussion forums, governments and academic institutions. 

·       The Internet Society provides the organization home for the Internet Engineering Task Force, the premier Internet standards group. 

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