KEY MESSAGE CATEGORY: What does the Internet Society believe?

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Sample Questions: What motivates the work of the Internet Society? Why should Internet users care about what the Internet Society does? 


The Internet has made the world a better place. Throughout its history, it has been a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. We believe the Internet can improve the quality of life for people in all parts of the world. 


·       Today, in ways unimaginable less than a decade ago, nearly 2 billion people around the world—families, colleagues, and citizens—use the Internet to collaborate, work, and learn across communities, businesses, and governments.

·       During the recent tragedy in Haiti, the Internet enabled rescuers and doctors to consult experts around the world. 

·       The Internet today routinely enables students in remote areas—even in developed countries—access information and expertise in ways that would have been impossible without it.

·       Throughout the Internet’s history, new applications have continuously evolved to allow people to communicate in new ways—Email and the Web have been doing so for more than a decade. Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media are more recent examples.

·       We expect the evolution to continue as the Internet enables user-driven innovation even as it connects the next billion users. 

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