Messaging Framework FAQs

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Why has this document been created?  

 The Message Framework contained in this report has been developed to provide the Internet Society with a common basis for external messaging. When the Internet Society speaks consistently and with one voice, credibility will be boosted, and our messages will have more impact, with longer-lasting results.

Who has driven the process of creating it?

The Internet Society Comms team has been the driving force behind this process, and this set of messages and supporting materials was built based on a series of meetings, interviews and interactions with the Internet Society’s leadership and other stakeholders around the world.

How is this document relevant to me?

All of the information within can be used as a communications resource. This material can be used as a starting point for media interviews, drafting brochure copy, speeches and presentations, to prepare content for a website or simply or when preparing for a meeting with external audiences who need to be introduced to the Internet Society’s activities. While created with the media and general public in mind, the messages are suitable for any communication need, internal or external, public affairs-related or media-related.

What is a Top Level Message?

 “Messaging” and “messages” can mean different things to different individuals. For this reason, it is valuable to define what a Top Level Message is for the purposes of this document: A Top Level Message is the underpinning of a successful public outreach campaign. It is a definitive and easily-understood statement about the Internet Society’s vision, the Internet Society’s opinion or the actions taken by the Internet Society with respect to certain issues. A Top Level Message should answer the questions of who, what, when, where, why and how, and should be understandable in the absence of detailed context.

Who decides on what the Internet Society’s messages are?

 We all do. While Top Level Messages have been identified through a series of meetings and other interactions, this framework is meant to only provide a platform upon which all spokespeople, including chapter spokespeople and subject matter experts, can add their proof points, anecdotes, and local perspectives. 

How can I input into ISOC’s Top-Level Messages over time?

 Although the Key Message Categories and Top Level Messages will remain consistent in the near to medium term, it is important that new Proof Points are considered and incorporated as necessary into the framework on a continual basis. To do this, we encourage you to email us with suggestions for additional content/ improvement to keep the messaging framework, Top Level Messages, Proof Points, and supporting materials up-to-date.  

Other upcoming opportunities to give us your input will include regular messaging workshops, online briefings for staff, members and chapters and pre-event reviews for interested  spokespeople.

Have these messages been used “in the field?”

 Yes. In two media tours and in multiple interviews with the press, these messages have formed the basis of our interactions, to great success. We are now integrating them more deeply into other kinds of outreach, including the development of the Internet Society website.

Who can I talk with about this document?

 If you have more questions, contact Scott Hoyt on theInternet Society Comms team.  

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