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From: CW Mail <>
Date: Thu 13 Sep 2012 18:29:44 GMT+02:00
To: <>
Cc: Eric Burger <>, Ted Mooney <>, EVA FROELICH <>, NARELLE CLARK <>
Subject: Proposed Bylaw Revision

Dear Eric Burger:
Thankyou. I appreciate the enormous amount of work that the Bylaws Committee has recently undertaken and trust that the new Board of Trustees will be able to draw this excercise to a successful conclusion in the foreseeable future. I would however invite the Committee and the Board to 'go the extra mile' to accommodate the practical consequences of the avowed objective of enhancing the participation and the interests of the Chapters in the Internet Society as a whole.
1. In Article IV the Chapters are still not recognised as Members, on a par with Organisational Members. For some of us this is a line in the sand. We cannot continue to try and mobilise our members if our Chapters are still treated in the formal texts as second class citizens.
2. As I have pointed out on several previous occasions, the number of Trustees elected by the Chapters is not sufficient: a minimum of 5 seats would be necessary with a guarantee of geographical diversity.

Also I have come to understand throughout this process, during the past two years, that the Board does not yet understand that the primary role of many Chapters locally and in other contexts (e.g. ICANN At Large) is as participants in Civil Society. From that point of view a 50:50 representation on the Board of Chapters on the one hand and the industry on the other hand would be more appropriate - and would I believe be applauded internationally.
3. I appreciate that the functions of Chapters are now expressed in facultative and illustrative manner. That is an improvement.

Also, personally, I accept the need for 'standards of performance', provided that they are negotiated in concert with the Chapters themselves. That will be something for the Board to address in due course in the context of the proposed exchange of Letters of Affiliation. Meanwhile, it would be appreciated if the staff would refrain from prescriptive statements about performance criteria.
4. There is still no provision for a 'special meeting' (aka Advisory Committee) for Chapter members, on a par with Organisational members.
5. There is still no overarching statement (preferably in Article 1) as to the objectives of the ISOC Association. This would be useful, particularly if it clearly specified the civil society dimension of the work of the Internet Society.

Christopher Wilkinson

On 31 Aug 2012, at 15:34, ISOC Bylaws wrote:

30 August 2012
Posted 03:32, 15 Sep 2012
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