IETF71 IPv4 Outage

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During the IETF71 meeting in March 2008, there will be a hands-on experiment for exploring the post-global-IPv4 Internet.  The plan is for this to be both:

  • a first-hand experience open to all IETF participants, and
  • an opportunity to capture informal experience data to inform protocol design work going forward.

One aspect of this  experiment will be to provide an "IPv6 only" network throughout the meeting week.   This will provide participants with the opportunity to "site see" the current realities of IPv6 network deployment.  Participants who so desire can use this as an opportunity to test their software, setup or services for IPv6 accessibility.   Computers connected to that network will be assigned an IPv6 address, and packets from that network will be routed (only) via external IPv6 connectivity.  That is, there will be no IPv6 to IPv4 translation or Application Layer Gateway support to connect to IPv4-only sites.   While the "IPv6 only" network will be available throughout the meeting week,  other wireless network access will be turned off in the plenary meeting roomduring a set time of the Wednesday night plenary meeting.  This will provide a focused  and communal opportunity for experiencing the IPv6 Internet!

We are also exploring the demonstration of another model of a possible IPv6-supported future, to provide two possible future paths for people to compare and contrast.  More information will be provided as that is scale tested and made available.


As you participate in this effort (through the week, or at the plenary event), please be sure to contribute any findings by updating the experiment information page,

Also, discussion is being logged on the IPv6-accessible Jabber conference:

ipv6-experiment on the jabber conference server

The transcript from this jabber record will be saved as part of the experiment record.

If you do not regularly use IPv6, you will need to spend some time configuring your system and getting used to the environment.  Specific instructions for setting up IPv6 on different operating systems are referenced below.  The "IPv6 only" network will be available throughout the week, and you will want to set up your system and test it before the actual "IPv4 outage" event on Wednesday night's plenary.

Operating System Configuration Information

Thanks to the folks who prepared for the NANOG IPv6 hour!  These are links to that site:

Particular details for the IETF event:

Wireless SSID:


DNS server IP addresses (for Mac configuration): 


Tour Guide

Not sure what to do once you're connected on IPv6?  Check out the list of websites that work with IPv6 on the experiment report wiki page.

Documenting your experiences

The tangible outcome of this experiment will include documentation of experiences working in the post-IPv4-only Internet.  Please share your experiences by contributing to:

Related material

There have been other similar events at recent meetings.  You can get an advance taste of what to expect from this experiment, as well as inspiration for what to do to take the next step in exploring IPv6, by reviewing their material:

Writeups and discussion: